The End and The Beginning

It’s that time of the year. The END of 2018. Heading toward the Beginning of the NEW YEAR.  All those questions come floating up. Did I do enough? Did I ACCOMPLISH enough?  Did ANY of my Dreams for 2018 come true??  Here’s what I know: You TOOK STEPS.  Maybe small….maybe medium…..maybe a HUGE one or 2.  But you are now closer to that dream of yours than ever before!  Time to keep stepping.  Time to keep working.  Plan. Pray. Step. REPEAT. 2019 is coming!  It CAN be your year. Roll up your sleeves, put on a pot of coffee. Plan. Pray. Step. REPEAT.  Now…….GO!!

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The reward in rest

“Then he said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”
                                                                                                                              -Mark 2:27

I try to read my Bible often, but I’ve never seen this verse before.

Lately, Bill and I have been focused on the word “rest,” and what it looks like to do so in a world—and job—that is so demanding and never-ending.

In our culture today, resting is almost viewed as a sign of weakness. With technology that keeps us connected 24/7, it’s nearly impossible to “turn off”…and so even when we’re resting, we’re most likely doing so with a phone or an iPad or laptop in hand. In other words, we’re never fully unplugged.  

Mark 2:27 gave me an entirely new way to look at the importance of rest. When we make the connection between this verse and the 10 Commandments (keep the Sabbath day holy…) we realize that God doesn’t just want us to rest, he demands we do so! (After all, even He rested after creating the world…)

Sunday doesn’t have to be your day of rest, but one day does. How can you adjust your lifestyle to make rest a priority?

One step at a time

Simplicity is key to progress. We oftentimes stop ourselves from progressing forward because we overwhelm our minds with what we know we “should” get done or “want” to get done rather than what we CAN get done.

Taking one step at a time is the true catalyst to change…because it’s POSSIBLE. Here are a few first steps to get you moving, so stop thinking this weekend and start doing!  


-Take a walk outside
-Read one chapter of a book you’ve been meaning to “get to”
-Eat one healthy snack
-Say a quick prayer
-Type out one goal you have for next week
-Tell someone what they mean to you
-Listen to your favorite music



When God says “go”

Have you ever felt the desire to go somewhere?

Maybe it was a desire to go on a vacation…or to move somewhere…or to simply go and visit a family member or friend.

Maybe you’ve felt the desire to go and serve someone in crisis…or to go and lend a hand to someone in need.

No matter how different our “go’s” may be, the one thing that’s certain for all of us, is that we are not designed to stay the same. God gives us “go” situations to push us out of our comfort zones and to lead us into becoming better versions of ourselves.

“Go” requires action, and “go” requires faith. Although it requires you to step off of the boat and into the waves, it gives you the opportunity to see for yourself that you are capableof accomplishing greater things than you ever thought possible.

Where could God be asking you to go today…are you willing to take the step?


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Turning boulders into stones

We were recently talking to a client about the Project 26/62 podcast. She was telling us that although she is constantly working on self-improvement, she still feels as if she’s trying to push a boulder uphill when it comes to lifting her dreams off the ground.

It got us thinking about the power of perspective-shifting…and how envisioning a stone instead of a boulder could be the perfect place to start.

Taking action towards our goals and dreams is the hardest step—and that’s probably because taking action is the only step that truly takes us to the finish line. We can have ideas, we can talk to as many people as we want, and we can inspire ourselves through books and podcasts… but when it gets down to it, the only way we’ll truly accomplish our goals is if we put in the work and Get. It. Done.

That’s where perspective-shifting is a necessity.

If we, ourselves, are responsible for accomplishing our goals, then we, ourselves, will always be our greatest roadblock in getting there. Think about it: how easily have you psyched yourself out or talked yourself down from taking a leap of faith because you were afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone? As humans, we naturally want to protect ourselves, and therefore, we will often stop ourselves from thinking big and acting boldly.

Next time you find yourself holding you back, try changing your “boulder” to a “stone”…that may just be the difference between getting crushed by the weight, or taking one more step forward.


Life changes here

If we could summarize our office in three words, they’d be: Life. Changes. Here.

At iCoachLife, we’re in the business of life change. Our one guaranteeis that each person who walks through our doors, walks back out with the action steps they need to take them to the next level in their life…which is exactly why we’ve adopted “life changes here” as our business motto.

Many people ask what differentiates us from counselors, so we explain it like this:

  • Life coaching is focused on the futureand is fueled by the motivation of moving forward, while counseling is focused on resolving issues of the past.
  • Counseling is focused on what was, while life coaching is focused on what will be. 

We want to see you changed.
We want to see you transformed.

We want to grab you on the way in the door, and watch you leave changed for the better. We set a high standard for ourselves, and we hold each client to that same standard.

So stop by for a visit and to see what we can do for you. It doesn’t matter what choices you’ve made or what path you’re on now…what matters is where you’re headed next. Let us point you in the right direction so you can see for yourself how life changes here.

Surround sound

I don’t know about you, but when I’m watching a movie, I like it best with surround sound. I guess it does a better job of making me feel like I’m right there in the middle of all the action; it makes the movie come alive. 

Think about the dream you have for your life and imagine it playing like a movie. Does your surround sound make your dream come alive? If not, it’s time to reevaluate who and what you’re allowing yourself to listen to.  

We all have our own personal surround sound. Whether it’s the voices of the people around us, or our own self-talk, we are constantly absorbing “surround sound.” These voices are critical in determining whether or not we believe we have what it takes to live out our dreams, and it’s why words are so powerful and transformational. 

Take some time today to become aware of the words you’re hearing on a constant basis. What kind of friends do you allow to influence you? What kind of music do you listen to? What kind of words do you speak to yourself throughout the day? Determining whether or not your surround sound is life-giving to you, is a key factor in determining whether or not you’re giving life to your dreams and purpose. 


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