Project 26/62


Project 26/62: Age-old wisdom for young dreams


In today’s world, finding unity is rare; and as technology progresses, so does the generational gap. After a mere-chance meeting in a grocery store a few months ago, 26-year-old Jordan Oliver and my 62-year-old self, decided to partner together to see if we could do something about that.

Project 26/62 is a podcast platform we’ve created to open discussions focused on different generational points-of-view. Between Jordan, myself and an incredible interview line-up, we’re looking at the journey of pursuing a dream, and how 26, 62, and any-number-in-between-year-olds, can learn from and help each other get closer to reaching their end goal.

Visit to listen to our podcasts, or find us on iTunes. We hope you’ll join the discussions!