Ask and receive

Think of all of the relationships in your life. Would any of them sustain if one person did all the talking?

It works the same with our relationship with God.

I think we do most of the talking when it comes to communicating with God. We use our prayer time to ask Him for what we need or want…treating Him more like a genie in a bottle as opposed to a friend who has something to say, too; and that’s not a relationship.

Have you ever taken the time to ask God what He would like to say to you? I speak from experience when I say it’s a risk worth taking…

It was this time about five years ago when I asked God to speak to me. I was on vacation at the beach for Labor Day weekend; it was my first year out of college. I was asking God to direct the next steps of my career.

I remember walking one morning in the park, and as I walked I prayed: “God, speak to me whatever you want me to hear right now, in this moment.”

As I walked, something caught my attention from the corner of my eye. It looked like a giant birdhouse, but as I got closer I noticed it was a “Free Library.” (You could take a book for free and drop books off for others.) When I opened the little latch to peek inside, I stood frozen.

Resting on the shelf in front of all the books was a little green slip of construction paper that was cut into the shape of a bookmark. There were two messages written on the front, but the first word that stood out to me immediately was MY NAME, “Jordan,” handwritten right there!

The first message said,

“God loves you 


And then…written below it…was a second message:

“You can do anything.” 

I could not move as I stared at this little green slip of paper handwritten just for me. Knowing the prayer I had just prayed—a prayer asking God to speak whatever he needed me to hear—and then receiving this personal note, completely confirmed to me that God was with me.

Through those two simple statements, God was telling me that it didn’t matter what I was going to “do.” All that mattered was that I knew He was with me and that He loved me; and because of that, I’d be able to accomplish whatever lied ahead.

As I look back, I realize how important that message has been throughout these past 5 years. In times of doubt and uncertainty, I’ve been able to go back and remember what God spoke over my life that day in the park.

But only because I asked.

Don’t miss out on what God wants to say speak to you. It may not be through a note on a green slip of paper…but it may be through the lyrics of a song that happens to play at just the right time. It may be through the words of a friend or family member; or it may be through the beauty of nature that surrounds us everyday.

The point is, don’t miss out because you haven’t asked. You never know what God is waiting to tell you.




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