Simple is most grand

In the social media culture we live in today, comparing ourselves to one another has become the norm. It almost seems impossible to not compare our lives to others when we’re able to see what everyone else is doing 24/7. It’s easy to feel like we’re missing out, not far enough along, or just not doing enough with our own life. It’s easy to feel like everyone else is living one grand adventure while you’re just trying to get through the day. 

It’s a distraction…and it becomes most detrimental when we allow it to distract us from focusing on the small steps that often make the biggest impact. 

Mother Teresa said it best: “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Our society tells us that bigger is better, more is more valuable, and that if you don’t get what you want fast, you must be doing something wrong. 

It’s false advertising—and it gets us stuck in a cycle of constantly reaching for a bar that’s physically unattainable. And so we’re left disappointed. 

If we can change our mindset to focus on the “one,” we’ll begin making strides we never thought possible. One step; one change in our routine; one person to help each day. After all, our life is a sum of the single steps we’ve taken along the way. Those are the things that add up to make our lives worth living…and those are the things that make life memorable along the way. What fun would it be if we reached our goal right away? How many lives could we actually help if our success was instant? 

Simplicity is one of life’s greatest gifts to us…for it’s through simple acts that our lives become most grand. Don’t allow false advertising to distract you from that truth today. 

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