Next steps

Last week, we talked about Resurrection power in our lives today and what it looks like to live each day with the death-conquering spirit that Jesus died to give us.

Realizing that the Holy Spirit is within us, is one thing…but then what? How do we maintain a “death-defeating” mindset beyond Easter Sunday? How do we cling to boldness every day throughout the year?

As I have been getting to know the Holy Spirit on a deeper level, I have found that that most helpful “tool” in keeping my focus, has been making intentional quiet time to be with God. 

By getting to know God on a personal level, we are able to understand the power He has already placed within us through the Holy Spirit. Just like any relationship requires both people to talk and listen to one another, so it is with our relationship with God. I think we oftentimes treat Him as some sort of “genie in a bottle”….we tell him our prayers and hope He answers them. But what about asking Him to speak once in awhile?

Do you ever take the time to listen to what God may want to tell you? Have you ever simply listened or even asked, “God, what do you want to speak to me today?”

When we take the time to let God do the talking, we may find that everything we’ve been asking for is already taken care of. That’s the power of the Holy Spirit.


[Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels]

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