Turning boulders into stones

We were recently talking to a client about the Project 26/62 podcast. She was telling us that although she is constantly working on self-improvement, she still feels as if she’s trying to push a boulder uphill when it comes to lifting her dreams off the ground.

It got us thinking about the power of perspective-shifting…and how envisioning a stone instead of a boulder could be the perfect place to start.

Taking action towards our goals and dreams is the hardest step—and that’s probably because taking action is the only step that truly takes us to the finish line. We can have ideas, we can talk to as many people as we want, and we can inspire ourselves through books and podcasts… but when it gets down to it, the only way we’ll truly accomplish our goals is if we put in the work and Get. It. Done.

That’s where perspective-shifting is a necessity.

If we, ourselves, are responsible for accomplishing our goals, then we, ourselves, will always be our greatest roadblock in getting there. Think about it: how easily have you psyched yourself out or talked yourself down from taking a leap of faith because you were afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone? As humans, we naturally want to protect ourselves, and therefore, we will often stop ourselves from thinking big and acting boldly.

Next time you find yourself holding you back, try changing your “boulder” to a “stone”…that may just be the difference between getting crushed by the weight, or taking one more step forward.


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