26/62 Tab is live

Drumroll please…Project 26/62: Age-old wisdom for young dreams is finally LIVE! Welcome aboard friends—we’re happy you’re here.

In today’s world, I think it’s easy to see that there are many reasons to stand divided. We are living in a period of time where we have more information at our fingertips than ever…as well as the ability to share our opinions with any person, whenever! With our high-tension societal climate, it seems as if the smallest difference explodes into the biggest divide. Project 26/62 wants to help inspire unity…but we want to be strategic. One of the biggest downfalls of anyone aspiring to accomplish a dream, is the tendency to over-promise and under-deliver due to lack of focus. Project 26/62 is focused on unity between generations. With the experiences and wisdom of those who’ve gone before us, along with the passion and energy of youth, we can ignite the flame of creativity and bring dreams to light.

Please visit the Project 26/62 tab on our website, go straight to project2662.com, or search us on iTunes to listen to the latest episode.

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